Downtown Mischief comes Thru Slidin
— Jung Bousi

Hooligans, people, primates. Yes we have thumbs and no we are not potatoes. 
Based out of Victoria B.C. Canada. 
Sunshine eyelids coastal vibrance, fluttering as we grasp casually for the unknowable secret.






Downtown Mischief

is for the Children!

poppa phat.jpg

Poppa Phat Smile

Species:  Sapien

Special ability: mass confusion

Preffered Ratio: 80/20

Favourite state: Liquid

dtm jamo .jpg

Wishbone Jenkins


Comin thru: Slidin

Slippery: yes

Ready for: Whatever comes his way

Favourite Ratio: Whatever Poppa Phat rolls 




Preferred Island: Haida Gwaii

Looks like: John Bonham

Most: Stoked

Can be found: Outside


Viper Teeth

Born and Raised: In Victoria B.C.

Main Instrument: Alto Sax

Also plays: Everything else

Preferred Ratio: Pure Green



Crispy Bananas

Diaphram: Muscular

Favourite beard trimmer setting: N/A

Favourite day: Sunday

Can be found: Fishing


The Lone Ranger

Hat: Yes

Mask/Glasses: Yes

Most well read member of the group: Yes

Beakfast: Chord Changes


Staves, The Tiger

Heritage: Italian

Tatoo: Yes

Knows how the song goes: Instantly

3 wishes: Good nights sleep, Good Coffee, Towel on Snare






A bullet proof nun


Personality: Ukranian Potato snack

Favourite radio station: Shirley and Spinoza

Scared of: Horses

Relationship status: Complicated


Boy Wizard

Main Instrument: Keys

Face style: Beautiful and young

Favourite Spells: Fireball

Ultra Stoked on Life: Yes

DTM andtvon.jpg

Andy Slade

Favourite tactile sensation: Ivory

Favourite music genre: Adult Contemporary

Favourite musician in the band: Lone Ranger

Can bring to climax with chord inversion: Yes


Crayfish Dwayne

Guitar Skillz: Nxtlvl

Approachability: Low

Stoke lvl: Manic

Favourite Instrument: West Coast Water Pipe


Giggle Monster

Specialty: Lap Dances

Status: Back again

Hangin out with: All your Friends


DTM horny stoke.jpg

Improbability Spider

Least Favourite Instrument: Trumpet

Ideas: Always

Spidery Location Status: Improbable

Expression: Honest